I started a Notepad++ language file for petit computer syntax. If we can agree on a common syntax highlighting then it might be easier to edit petit computer code, or even spot errors because of the way I'm doing this.

Get it:Edit

Other version:

These two versions are submitted by different contributors. They will not be the same.


I have split petit computer's basic syntax up into a few categories. They are as follows:

  • Program flow control
  • Graphics
  • Text
  • Data
  • Allocation

Program flow control includes commands such as For, return, goto, gosub. etc.

Graphics commands include most commands that start with G, including things like GPAGE, GPSET, GCOLOR, GCLS, but it also includes a few others that fit into the same category that controls the screen.

Text commands include things like print, and input. Left$, right$. basically things you'd use to manipulate text.

Data commands only have two highlighting they are, DATA and READ. Making them very easy to identify.

Allocation commands include dim only.
Notepad petit computer

Notepad++ Petit Computer Code Styling. Labelled as SMILEBASIC

How to use:Edit

  • Copy the text into notepad and use "File:Save As: "
  • Browse to the folder of notepad++
  • Name the file SMILEBASIC
  • Click Save
  • Click on langauge menu inside of notepad++
  • click on Define Your Language
  • Click the import button
  • Select the file inside the notepad++ directory called "SMILEBASIC"
  • and your done! Start coding!

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