Seizure SnakeEdit

Seizure Snake is a simple altered game originally created by another, was remastered, and given additional features by OOO Green Game Studios (Unofficial).

Goal of game:Edit

The Game has no official way to win, the Goal is simply to not loose. A loss is caused by getting touched by the snake. There are five difficulties: Too Easy, Easy, Normal, Hard, and Impossible. Each Difficultly has the exact same engine, but different refresh rates. Too Easy refreshes once every Second, Easy refreshes once every sixth of a second, Normal refreshed once every twentieth of a second, Hard refreshes once every sixtieth of a second, and in impossible time that passes is only the refresh time, the program does not intentionally wait for it to refresh, the only refresh is the microscopic lag!. (Record for Impossible as of May 22nd is six Seconds, Good luck!)

Version History Edit

Version 1.0 Edit

  • Current Posted Version
  • Contains Some Glitches
  • Is still a work in progress

Version 1.1 (Not yet released to the public) Edit

  • New Pause feature (Press start)
  • Music For Easy, and Hard modes Have been changed to better fit the environment
  • Timer Has been added to Easy, Too easy, Normal, and Hard (It will take some time to add the timer to impossible)
  • Added an Easter egg (Good luck finding it!)

Version 1.2 (In development) Edit

  • Adding Snake mode
  • Snakes will now be able to, at random, but rare times, come quickly towards the player without going off track from the player for 30 frames, this will be called a "Snake Jolt", players will be able to identify a snake jolt by the change in the snakes color.
  • Community Ideas? (Post them below in Comments!)

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