IndieGo's great new game! Play as Saul M. Obinov, a budding reporter, through five challenging and puzzling episodic mysteries. Uncover 

Saul M. Obinov: The truth

General Info
Genre(s): Puzzle
Contributor(s): IndieGo
Release Date: September 1, 2015
Development Status: For ages seven and up. There is reference to death and a tiny amount of blood.
Mode(s): Single-Player.
Language(s): english

corruption, theft, sneaky underhand deals, and Mafia-like media conglomerates. Every part of the game is illustrated with full graphics, music, and text boxes. Meet a variety of quirky characters, like fake pirates, people that are definitely not robots, and completely expressionless secretaries! Interview witnesses, deduce conclusions, and investigate clues to crack the case!

Chapters: Edit

1:The cake lie: Play as Saul on his first case as a school reporter, and track down some missing cake.

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2:Dumb Witness: Juan Muertos, Head of drone production at the tech company Phonocorp, has fallen to his death. But why did he die? Who killed him? And does the "witness" really know what he thinks he knows?

3:Recorded message: Return to Phonocorp as they release their new product: the ePencil. But there is something more sinister at play. What is CEO Graham O'Phony planning? and what are the true secrets of the ePencil?

4:Corrupt act: It's a joyous occasion at the Capitol, as a new carbon tax is being enacted. But what secrets is the secretary hiding? Is someone running a criminal empire? And why is the speaker of the house so infatuated with pirates?

5: Parting of friends: Saul investigates a media conglomerate at a suggestion of a hot tip given to Saul's newspaper, given by a man named Gemini. But who is Gemini? What kind of dark secret is being held in the company? Who is covering it up? And what will Saul find when

Photo on 9-1-15 at 5.36 PM

he confronts his past... In the heart of the enemy?

Download Edit


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