Basic overview Edit

Sand Art

General Info
Genre(s): Creativity, Simulation, Other
Contributor(s): W!lbur$tudios
Release Date: 10-17-15
Development Status: stable
Version: 0.5.0-D
Size: 4604 bytes
Mode(s): Beta
Language(s): English

Sand Art is a unique drawing experience that mimics pouring sand to create a sand mural. This program is only in developmental stage, and its only features include a drawing pad, and color pallet.

Future Plans Edit

Version 1.0 will feature a very stable game involving a small gallery that is capable of displaying a few images. The save and load mechanic of the application will be done, but not perfect. It will hopefully be done by winter

Version 2.0 will feature a perfectly stable game that includes a large gallery and a perfected save/load mechanic. It should be done by winter as well.

Changelog Edit

v0.5 Released 10-16-15 involving a simple program with no save or load features.

Download Edit


This is the program (version 0.5.0-D). Thank you for viewing it. Please at least try it, and let me know what you think. The controls are pretty basic, but I will still list them out.

Controls Edit

Touch - Select a color

X - open/close color menu

A - toggle between pen and eraser

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