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"A game based on the classic puzzle platformer Lode Runner. A horde of demons have robbed a prominent bank of most of its gold coins and stashed them away in several barely-hidden warehouses. Your job is to get them back. You have at your disposal a magical gun that can instantly dig massive holes in the ground. However, its effects are temporary: the holes you dig will be refilled only seconds after you dig them. Mastering the use of this gun will surely be critical to effectively navigating the demonic warehouses. Bad news and good news. The bad: most of the warehouses are guarded by mighty hand-shaped golems that will relentlessly chase you down. The good: said golems are very stupid, as golems tend to be. Figuring out how the golems move is a big part of the game; many levels will require you to bait them into taking inefficient routes so you can slip past them. You can of course deal with the golems more directly; bait them into a hole that you dug and they will get stuck. They will try to climb out, but you can stand on their head to keep them inside. If a golem gets caught in a hole as it fills in, it will be destroyed... but golems are not in short supply. Another will be deployed in an ever-present demonic attempt to ruin your day. To clear each stage, collect all the gold then jump into the exit portal. Controls:

  • + Control Pad: Move character
  • A Button: Dig right
  • B Button: Dig left
  • X Button: Restart level
  • START: Pause game (press X while paused to quit to menu)

The main campaign features 24 stages, all designed by myself. There are also a handful of challenge stages, unlockable by finding hidden collectibles in previous levels."

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