Random Music
General Info
Contributor(s): User:Acr515
Release Date: January 27, 2015
Development Status: Final
Version: 1.0
Size:  ???
Mode(s): Single-Player
Language(s): English

I got kinda bored, so I took a book with movie instrumental solos I had, and I coded a few of them. I did a pretty sloppy job, but if anyone wants to fix them or alter them, you are more than welcome to.


Run it, and listen to the 3 tracks, which are Lord of the Rings theme, Hedwig's Theme, and Cantina Band.


Version 1.0.0Edit

  • 3 music tracks.

Future PlansEdit

I might add more music, but probably not.

Videos and ScreenshotsEdit

I don't really have any, or really have the need to add any.




No license applied as of now.


I am aware of the few mistakes in Hedwig's Theme, I just didn't want to have to sift through the MML and try to fix it.


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