PrankerSwirly: Crashing Prank
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General Info
Genre(s): Tool
Contributor(s): "Redstonehighway"
Release Date: "Coming soon"
Development Status: "Beta"
Version: "V1.1"
Size: "Coming soon"
Mode(s): "Single player"
Language(s): "English"

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Wait till the clock hits zero and the prank starts.


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Version 1.1Edit

Added a timer and a prank screen

Future PlansEdit

( means help is required for the app

Custom sound effects that go with the prank. :(

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PNLTYPE"off", Acls, Print"10, Wait 60 Cls Print"9 Wait 60 Cls Print"8 Wait 60 Cls Print"7 Wait 60 Cls Print"6 Wait 60 Cls Print"5 Wait 60 Cls Print"4 Wait 60 Cls Print"3 Wait 60 Cls Print"2 Wait 60 Cls Print"1 Wait 60 Cls Print"0 Wait 60 Cls Sysbeep=False 'Make a solid blue screen first! 'Oh and name the screen however you want it or use mine Load"Grp0:Errorbox",0 Locate 7,10 Print"your ds has crashed" Locate 7,11 Print"Error Code: 33640 @STOPPROGRAM Vsync 1 If Btrig()!=65 Then GOTO @Stopprogram End

There you go!


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