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Pokémon on Petit UNFINISHED

General Info
Genre(s): Role-Playing Game
Contributor(s): Jamieyello, TriforceOfKirby, numberelven000, zeldamario24, Smellyhand137, LeviCelJir
Development Status: Unfinished
Version: 2.5
Mode(s): Single-Player
Language(s): English

Unfinished demo of a huge project to put a complete clone of pokémon, with all pokémon & items up to gen V on petit computer. Right now there's a test region, the battle simulator is MUCH better, back button works and a couple special moves work (some moves can paralyze, sleep, burn, freeze...) the interface is better looking too. You can look at your pokemon from the menu too. There's also an unfinished movedex database, eventually going to be a pokedex, itemdex and abilitydex too.



2.5 (update 4):




  • Map editor
  • Potato warp stars


  • Test region
  • Battle sim improvements with interface
  • Pokémon can be burned, frozen, put asleep...
  • Some special move effects work, like spore, ice punch, fire punch and a couple others
  • Database made with movedex (really unfinished)

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