Pokémon Mystery Dungeon PTC
HNI 0077

General Info
Genre(s): RPG
Contributor(s): meemoo :^)
Release Date: Mar. 5, 2014
Development Status: WIP
Version: 0.1
Size: big
Mode(s): Single-Player
Language(s): English

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon on Petit Computer. This is not a port.


  • D-Pad: Walk
  • B: Run
  • A: Attack
  • X: Menu
  • Y: Grid



  • Second demo
  • Moves working
  • Leveling almost working
  • Unfinished dungeon generation
  • Unfinished items
  • Smarter AI
  • Main Menu
  • Better music
  • A few more Pokemon
  • Another boss fight (Giratina)
  • Stats can be raised/lowered
  • Smoother gameplay


  • Initial release
  • Only normal attacks working
  • Bad AI
  • No dungeon generation
  • Four Pokemon
  • A boss fight


QR Codes:


Videos and ScreenshotsEdit

  • Work in progress screenshot
  • Fighting Dialga
  • Apple Woods
  • Dialga's moves

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