Playing Card Construction Routine

General Info
Contributor(s): Kouyama
Release Date: December 8, 2012
Development Status: Stable
Version: Unknown
Size: Unknown
Mode(s): Single-player
Language(s): Japanese

This is not a game, but a routine for creating playing card games easily. When downloaded and run, this program is simply a demonstration.

Instructions To Use RoutinesEdit

1. To Create Your Original Playing Card GameEdit

1-1. Delete except @CARDINIT,@P_PRINT and @P_KESU.

2. Initialization and shufflingEdit

2-1. At first,call "GOSUB @CARDINIT".
2-2. If you change numbers of Jokers,rewrite to code line from #16 to 23 below.
2-2-1. 2 Jokers -> Keep it.
2-2-2. 1 Joker -> Rewrite "B=52 TO 52" in #17.
2-2-3. No Jokers -> Delete these.

3. Display CardEdit

3-1. Let variables below and call "GOSUB @P_PRINT".
3-1-1. SZ <- 2=Horizonal:5 x Vertical:6 / 1=3x4 / 0=1x2
3-1-2. X and Y <- Location by texture
3-1-3. Left 1 number of CL <- 0**=Spades / 1**=Hearts / 2**=Diamonds / 3**=Clubs
3-1-4. Right 2 numbers of CL <- *01 to *13=A(1) to K(13)
3-1-5. Others of CL <- 14=Joker / 99= Counter Face

4. Erade Card Edit

4-1. Let to SZ,X,Y.
4-2. Let "0" to CL.
4-3. Call "GOSUB @P_KESU".


Insufficient information

Future PlansEdit


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No license applied as of now.



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