This page will act as a news feed for my website: It just has some music files made with the Petitcom Music Workstation, qrs are here: All disclaimers are in the comments of the website, and I will gladly accept requests of instrumental songs. I would prefer doing music from games such as Kingdom Hearts, Legend of Zelda, or Mario but I'm open to suggestions. I will also be adding songs other people make, including remixes, originals, and just about anything else. Feel free to make any suggestions in the comments below. I'll try to get something ready where people can send me any songs they make via e-mail and tell you guys when I've got that ready. Please check back regularly!

Current Projects.Edit

I don't really have anything to do at the moment. I wrote an entire song over the weekend after figuring out a few tricks. For a long time I wished they had a cymbal in Petit Computer, but all they had was reverse cymbal. Well, I decided to mess around with some of the effects on the reverse cymbal and now it sounds like a cymbal moving forward through time! There should be an example in my new song.

Currently up on the site.Edit

  • Another final battle theme. This one is under the files MFINAL and MFINAL2 (Note the M, it's not a A.) The official title for this one is The Hero's Last Breath. Check it out if you want.
  • Thunderwave Cave from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red/Blue Rescue Team. It's under the files CAVE and CAVE2. Please don't kill me. I'm really sorry.
  • Finally, I finished Through the Sea of Time from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Sky. I really am sorry it took so long! It's under the files TIME and TIME2.
  • A song most of you won't know called Our Home. It's under the files HOME and HOME2.
  • An Approximation of Antasma's theme from Mario and Luigi: Dream Team under the files ANTASMA and ANTASMA2
  • Slightly altered piano version of the final boss theme from Mario and Luigi Bowser's Inside Story. It's under the files BOWSER and BOWSER2.
  • Green Green's from Kirby's Dreamland under the files KIRBY and KIRBY2.
  • Original song for a final battle under the files AFINAL and AFINAL2. I've made it to the, um, almost final version. I may still change it. Intended use is for the Youtube series Hood, but you guys can use it for whatever you want. Official title is Light's Sorrow.
  • Original song under the files BOSS and BOSS2
  • Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon title theme for piano under the files LUIGI and LUIGI2
  • The file select theme from the original Luigi's Mansion under the files LUIGIFS and LUIGIFS2
  • A simple ocean noise under the files OCEAN and OCEAN2
  • Dirge of the Fourteenth with some additions under the files XION and XION2.


Fanmade Kingdom Hearts 3 Final battle theme Hood Arthur's Final Battle theme02:18

Fanmade Kingdom Hearts 3 Final battle theme Hood Arthur's Final Battle theme

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