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Petit Computer - 4 QR Codes

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Finished product!

Hello! I'm CKlidify, and in this tutorial I will teach you how to turn your programs into QR Codes for sharing online!

What you need:Edit

  • A Nintendo DSi or Nintendo 3DS
  • An SD card with at least 10 MB
  • A computer with an SD card slot
  • PTCUtlities
  • Internet access

Creating the QR CodeEdit

First of all, I'm assuming you have already created a program, and know which files go with which programs. Once you've figured that out, insert an SD card to your 3DS/DSi device. hen go to the main menu of Petit Computer. Select "File Managment", then "Save to SD Memory Card" then select your PRG! Additionally, if your game requires any MEM, GRP, SCR or COL files, save those aswell! Now, Turn of your device and take the SD card out of it. Then insert the SD card to the SD card slot in you're computer. Open up the SD card on your computer and go to this directory:


Then you should find a/some folder(s) in that directory thare named the same thing as your PRG, MEM, GRP, CHR, SCR or COL. Now open up PTC utilites and choose "PTC > QR" Now drag and drop the file (inside the PRG's folder) and drag it on that box. Then it automatically saves. Do the same for your MEM, GRP, SCR and COL files. Individualy of course. You'll find the QR codes in the folder of your PRG, MEM, GRP, CHR, SCR, and COLs.

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