Petit Smash Bros
Petit Smash Bros

General Info
Genre(s): Action
Contributor(s): GimmeMoreCoinz
Release Date: 2013
Development Status: Alpha
Version: 1.2 LITE
Size: Unknown
Mode(s): Single PLayer
Language(s): English

I spent all night and all day creating this.

And now the first demo is done.  So basically I only spent 12 real hours working on it.

The rest of the time was spent trying to fix pallete problems.

I'm very proud of this work and I will share the QR codes very soon. The demo is ready.


Download the game and fight.


Petit Smash V1.2 LITE Petit Smash Unfinished Checkpoint Version

  • Fixed Mario's pallete glitch when punching
  • added Mario's idle stance--incomplete. It's bugged. Not hard to fix. 
  • Added A new menu system
  • Added the character select. Incomplete. 
  • Added Link's running animation, Kirby's running animation not visible. Link's sword swinging animation. Not visible.
  • Fixed some gameplay bugs where Mario would be able to punch the NPC while it wasn't near him.
  • Added sounds for punches. And the enemy NPC jumping.
  • Modified the movement speed of Mario. 

Future Plans


  • Better jumping
  • Character Selection
  • Multiple Stages 
  • Stage selection
  • Proper BG collision checking
  • Two additional characters 
  • Npc's to fight. Only one on screen
  • An hp gauge /damage percentage display
  • A better title screen
  • Support for projectiles
  • Items:Pokeball, Maxim tomatoe, Heart Container, Fox's Laser Pistol with knockback effect
  • The ability to die/fall off the stage
  • Enemy AI that attacks, jumps, and is able to use items.

Videos and Screenshots

Petit Smash Bros V1

Petit Smash Bros V1.2 Teaser Checkpoint Video 2-0

V1.1 ->V1.2 Teaser Checkpoint 2

Petit Smash bros V1

Petit Smash bros V1.2 Checkpoint Update 1

Teaser Update


Mario Idle Animation in petit smash bros now.

Petit Computer Super Smash Bros Version 1

Petit Computer Super Smash Bros Version 1.1-1


1.2 LITE Qrs


1.1 Qrs:

Smash1 V1.1

QR CODES For Version 1.1 are IN! thanks to randomous for helping me stitch them together. Click on picture, then click on "See full size image" on the window that pops up. Now it won't be blurry.




No License applied as of now.


A new entry in the Petit Computer library. This game will feature a couple playable characters all with limited movesets due to the amount of sprites it will take up.

It will be single player only.

Also to be noted: This is not the same version of Smash Bros. as another Smash Bros. listed on this Wiki.

The current game features are:

  • Jumping
  • Shielding
  • Punching
  • Left and Right movement.

That's all for now!


GimmeMoreCoinz - Creator

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