Petit Shooting Watch A game for petit computer-001:10

Petit Shooting Watch A game for petit computer-0

Hudson Shooting Watch - 130 = 13 presses second00:25

Hudson Shooting Watch - 130 = 13 presses second


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This a fun little game to try out if you don't want to pay 2 dollars for the 16Shot! Shooting Watch!

Petit Shooting WatchEdit

Petit Shooting Watch is a "game" where you try to press the A button as fast as possible. It has the original 2 functions, Shooting and Time.

Functions to be added: A way to save your high-score!


Shooting Watch was released as a LCD screen "Portable Gaming System" only released in Japan.

There is a DSiWare Title released called 16Shot! Shooting Watch With the original 2 functions (Present in Petit Shooting Watch) and some other functions like a slot machine and a stopwatch.

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