Includes puzzles from Club Nintendo Picross Plus, Mario's Picross, and Pokemon Picross! If you don't have Petit Picross, don't worry! I have everything you need to get it inside with the Level Pack(s) Folder.


All instructions are in the README file of the Level Pack.


Version 1.0

-Level Pack 1

Version 1.1

-Added Level Pack 2

Version 1.2

-Added Level Pack 3

Future Plans

I am almost finished with Level Pack 4. If any of you guys want to me to make the level packs longer than just 5 levels, let me know in the comments and I will see if enough people want it for me to change them. Also let me know if I should override the default puzzles in the game with my level packs, so you can select them from the game instead of typing in the name of the level that you want from the Text file.

Videos and Screenshots

None to show


Level Pack 1

Level Pack 2

Level Pack 3


No License Applied as of now.


Everything you need to know will be in the file. You will need a file extracting program to open the file, however.


Petit Picross-Abgar Moraila

Level Pack(s)-Wheeljackfan16

Level Pack Puzzle Transfer-Wheeljackfan16

I do not own Petit Picross. It was programmed by Abgar Moraila, and is his/her property as such. I do not own the puzzles, as they are from other picross games, nor to I own the franchises that the puzzles are based off of.

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