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Petit Computer QR Stitcher

Download v2.1.1

Note: Your browser and/or anti-virus will probably complain about this file. This is just because it is a file that is publicly hosted but not commonly downloaded. It's not digitally signed by some company, and it's a standalone application. As a result, the anti-virus thinks it's some "new virus" and warns you. I can't make you trust me, but seriously, I'm not trying to give you a virus. I'm a Computer Scientist, not a "hacker"... I have ethics lol.

I found out recently that PTC Utilities already does this, so I feel kind of silly for making this. Oh well, it's still helpful for the QRs generated by the SmileBoom website!

I noticed that a lot of people post QR codes individually, or do some sort of custom stitching to get all the codes into a single image. I figured I'd write a program that does the stitching automatically. It looks in a directory you choose, and compiles all the QR codes in that directory into a single image. You can choose how many pictures you want per row, and what sort of title you want at the top. You can also double the image size (SmileBoom makes small QRs) and stamp it with a date, along with adding a creator and numbering the images. If you'd like more features, leave a comment. Thanks!

With the stitcher update, you can now stitch files across directories to create a mega image that contains all the resources! The QR codes can even be different sizes! It's now precisely 644% more useful! On top of that, the sheets look better now.


-Windows operating system

-Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0

-QR codes must be PNG format

-Code names must be in order (the online generator provided by SmileBoom does this automatically)


An image generated by the program.

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