The Petit Computer Program Database(Japanese:Petitcom Sakuhin Database) is a database of programs for Petit Computer original and mkII, maintained by OBONO. Most of the information is in Japanese, but you can find cool programs.

Since Feburualy 19 2015,this data base was freased and we can't edit.If you want to add new files,contact to [ @OBONO ] in Twitter.

Information of Column Edit

Column A B C D E F G H
Japanese Name 作品名 ファイル名 概要 作者 ジャンル 備考 公開日 URL
Pronunciation Sakuhin mei File mei Gaiyou Sakusha Janru Bikou Koukai bi Yu Aru Eru
Meaning Name File name Summary Author Genre Notes Release date URL

Notes Edit

  • Programs with the author listed as プチコン公式[Petitcom Koushiki] (Petit Computer Official) are official programs made by the Petit Computer developers.
  • Programes with 全文英語[Zenbun Eigo] listed in the notes column are completely in English.
  • The Japanese genres are listed below.
対戦格闘[Taisen kakutou]Fighting game
アクションRPGAction RPG
アクションパズルAction Puzzle
RTSReal Time Strategy
ゲームその他Other games
ツール(画像系)[Gazou kei]Tool (Image)
ツール(音楽系)[Ongaku kei]Tool (Music)
ツール(その他)[Sonota]Tool (Other)
デモ(画像系)Demo (Image)
デモ(音楽系)Demo (Music)
デモ(その他)Demo (Other)
素材(画像系)[Sozai]Material (Image)
素材(音楽系)Material (Music)
素材(その他)Material (Other)

External Link Edit

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