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Petit Computer 3D
Petit Computer 3D (Working Title)

General Info
Developer(s): SmileBoom Co. Ltd.
Publisher(s): Gamebridge Ltd.
Release Date: JP TBA
Platforms(s): Nintendo eShop
Mode(s): Single-Player
Media: Digital Download
Preceded by: Petit Computer

Petit Computer 3D (Working Title) (プチコン 3, Puchikon 3) is an upcoming downloadable 3DS application first announced for Japanese Nintendo 3DS (XL) systems and developed by SmileBoom Co. Ltd.. It is the successor to Petit Computer (プチコン mkII, Puchikon mkII).  A teaser site has been opened on the official SmileBoom site, the page shows text that translate to: "Techniques of the future with new functions" and "Basic says hello again." At the end of the page it's revealed to be for the Nintendo 3DS (XL) (2DS) system and is coming soon.

Expected price is ¥1000 (or around $9.99 USD) and expected release date is sometime 2014. (Subject to change.)

Confirmed FeaturesEdit

  • Polygons will NOT be supported.
  • The 3DS microphone, camera, and sensors such as the gyroscopic sensor will be supported.  It is unknown how or to what extent they will be supported.
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Up to 999,999 lines are available.  Total character limitiations are currently unknown.
  • Code collapsing (Like a "show/hide" button).
  • Undo/Redo buttons and multi-line code copying and pasting.
  • You can have the the manual open while programming. (This one is a little uncertain)
  • You can have up to four programs open simultaneously, independently loading and saving in each one.
  • Local variables and user-defined functions. (Apparently, this is exciting.)
  • User work can be managed on a server.  Details unknown.
  • Linking with the DETUNE music composition software in some way.
  • New drawing function features.  Exact details currently unknown.
  • Some form of desktop support.  Extent, further details unknown.
  • Z axis support.  Complete range unknown.  LOCATE will have it, most, if not all graphic commands seem as if they will have it.

(*bold indicates largely unknown features*)

Images (Click to expand)Edit

  • Cover
  • Syntax: GYROV(),Yaw variable,Pitch variable,Roll variable
  • Z axis LOCATE demo.
  • Image ripping courtesy User:Toykyle
  • Image ripping courtesy User:Toykyle
  • PTC3D in action! Notice the color coded coding


These are QR's for the Nintendo 3DS Camera, not Petit Computer. They demonstrate how the 3D depth function is going to look.

Image versions,,

Original sites:,,


  • Speed increase of 10 times.  While the speed will increase, the goal is to make it 10 times faster, and confirmation of success in this has not been confirmed.
  • "Our president has been or even the mouth and Poro~tsu with in situ (approximately) 10 large secret unknown yet of Puchikon No. 3 among others, you will be notified formally again for more information." - Google Translate

(*bold indicates largely unknown features*)

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Information on this page is subject to change.

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