Hey guys, I am trying to make a game that would be similar to Lego Universe (If anyone remembers that) and I need help with something. The idea is that a 3ds will send data to other 3dses. Some 3dses would be player 3dses and others would be setup to interpret/store data. The part I need help with is I need to know if there is a way to bypass the YES or NO buttons when you receive a file so that it will automatically click YES. Otherwise, when you play you would constantly have to be clicking YES.

In the future (Assuming the proposed idea is possible) I hope to release some early versions of my game. Also, should I upgrade to SmileBasic? I know that a similar idea could be done with SmileBasic if you used the Mic port and used an analog to digital converter (and a digital to analog converter) which would basically switch audio signals to meaningful data and vice versa. However, the page I saw which described such a process stated that only extremely small amounts of data could be transmitted (around 3 bits per second which is HORRIBLE).

Some jobs I need to be filled: 1.Graphical Assistant 2.MML Manager

Please comment if you are interested in either of the roles.

Update on progress: I am currently finishing up the intro (menus, logos, etc.) and soon I hope to start working on the main engine for the actual game. The main concern I have is that it will turn out like Petit Minecraft where all of the code causes the gameplay to be extremely slow (I will have to look at the code for MCDS to see why exactly it runs so slow). Anyways, be sure to keep your eyes open for a QR code in the near future.

Oh, and since people are going to ask, here's the QR code (It's not much)

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