PTC Time App

General Info
Contributor(s): Wilsonator5000
Release Date: August 21, 2014
Development Status: Stable
Version: 1.0
Size: 8 KB
Mode(s): Single-player
Language(s): English, and time format is Gregorian

This is a simple time app for Petit Computer that takes advantage of TIME$ and DATE$ so you can have features like alarm clock and calendar with schedule list.


It's easy to use!

When on the start screen:Edit


B:Set an alarm for the clock

Y:Stopwatch (in development)


When in the four apps:Edit

The apps will tell you what to do and what controls to use, so be on the lookout.

When you're in an app and you want to switch (let's say from clock to stopwatch), just press START. This doesn't work while inputting something, or on the start screen.



Alarm clock, calendar, and stopwatch. More stuff coming soon!

Future PlansEdit

  • Finish stopwatch
  • Customizable alarm alert tones
  • More appointment slots on calendar
  • Users:Diffent alarms and appointments for different people
  • More standard time and date format (7:32 instead of 07:32:12 and "Today is July 7" instead of "Today is 2014/07/07"
  • Holiday integration for calendar
  • Ability to change languages and time formats

Videos and ScreenshotsEdit

See what PTC Time App looks like before you download!




License Edit

© 2014 Wilsonator5000. All rights reserved.


  • The stopwatch is still in development, so you can't stop it yet. Working on it, sorry!


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