PTC Diagnostics Utility
General Info
Contributor(s): BrianXP7
Release Date: July 10th, 2013
Development Status: Cancelled
Version: 0.1 r1
Size: N/A
Language(s): English

"I wrote a small program that helps diagnose what's wrong with your Nintendo DSi hardware, hence the name. It's made specifically for the Nintendo DSi, meaning the Nintendo 3DS will have issues and inconsistencies (but overall still works as intended, aside from the extra slide pad and linear filtering due to its slightly higher screen resolution). As of now, only a button test is available. Other features such as a speaker test, touch detection, etc. will be added."


Press "A" to start the button test. The top screen will display binary outputs while the bottom screen is graphical. The button you pressed will be marked in green. To go back to the main menu, touch the red "X" on the top-right corner.


Version 0.1 r1Edit

  • Initial Release.



No license applied.


Contrary to what the page may tell you, this program is not being actively developed anymore.


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