Now, when I got petit computer, I was like "WHA-I WASTED MY EIGHT BUCKS ON SOMETHING WITHOUT A GOOD MANUAL!?!?!?!" That might be how you were, too. Petit Computer's manual isn't exactly beginner-friendly. So I'm going to help you with the first two commands-PRINT and INPUT. Now, go to "Write program" Then on the bottom screen, click "EDIT" to go to Edit Mode.

When you're in Edit Mode, type in on lines 1 and 2:


Let me explain this to you...

Line 1 has the command "INPUT" and in the SmileBoom programming language, that means to ask the user a question. In this case, it's asking the user what his/her name is, in quotation. Anything inside the quotation will be displayed on screen. The ;NAME$ is where the name will be stored. This is called a string.

Line 2 is the command "PRINT". This makes words on screen. Anything outside the quotation will count as a string.

So, if you did it right, it should ask you your name, and then greet you!

I hope this tutorial helped! See you next time!!!

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