PALED - Palette Editor for Petit Computer

General Info
Contributor(s): jtau8042
Release Date: November 11, 2016
Development Status: Stable
Version: 1
Size:  ???
Mode(s): Single-Player
Language(s): English

Program for editing the palette file (COL).

The program written for Petit Computer and will probably not work with the new SmileyBASIC (which is in 2016 still not available in EU, grrrrr!). PALED's UI is modeled after the old good Turbo Vision interface and features:

  • both RGB and HSV color models
  • operation like negative color or interpolate colors
  • preview of the CHR file on bottom screen


The main interaction screen is the top one. The bottom screen is used only for previewing CHR files or displaying keyboard when performing file operations.

  • Use A to edit selected color
  • Use B to open main menu
  • Use X to move mark to the current selection
  • Use Y to perform Y-Op. By default this will perform Copy operation (the color from mark will be copied to the selected position). You can change the Y operation in the Main menu -> Y-Op.
  • Use R↔ to switch the character bank in the Preview on the bottom screen and R↕ to select active 16-color palette for the preview.

The available operations are:

  • Copy - copy marked color co selected position.
  • Pick - select color from the color picker.
  • Compl. - replace selected color with its complementary color.
  • Negate - replace selected color with its negation.
  • Interp. - lineary interpolate colors between marked and selected position.

Block operations Edit

Operations over block of colors are not supported directly (except interpolate operation which is block operation in essence). But the Y-Op moves the current selection to the next color which can be used for block operations. For example to copy copy quickly block of colors to a new position do:

  1. set the Y-Op to Copy
  2. move the Mark at the source block start
  3. select the destination start
  4. repeatedly press Y.


Version 1Edit

  • Initial Release

Future PlansEdit

Please add any feedback or request for a feature to the discussion on this page or in the originalblog page.

Videos and ScreenshotsEdit


The program can be downloaded here.




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