General Info
Genre(s): ""
Contributor(s): I'mSuperFamicorn
Release Date: April 9, 2014
Development Status: Alpha
Version: 0.0.1
Size: "Size in Bytes and Kilobytes" (1024 B (1 KB)) Note: For "KB" do NOT use decimals and round to the nearest thousand byte.
Mode(s): Single-Player
Language(s): English

NintendOS is an operating system made for PTC. I'm making is as a simple thing to make as I learn how to use PTC. It's gonna suck less in the future. The QR is gonna be posted in a few.

The launcher is separate AND required to run NintendOS properly (It may seem unnecessary, but it's to make setting all of the variables easier until I can figure out how to do things. Also might make it usable for other OSes).


Write a short tutorial on how to play the game or use the application.


Write what has changed between versions. Use the format below.

Version 0.0.1Edit

  • Initial Release

Future PlansEdit

  • Notepad
  • Steam-esque App Menu
  • Send stuff to people
  • Make it looks and generally be less sucky

Videos and ScreenshotsEdit

Post screenshots and/or videos of your program here. Try using the gallery or slideshow widgets located on the right sidebar.


NintendOS Launcher


QR for the NintendOS Launcher.

NintendOS Code


No license applied as of now.


Anything else that needs to be noted such as bugs, appends, special instructions, etc.


List anyone who worked on this game.

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