A47NNPC sc2

General Info
Genre(s): Puzzle
Contributor(s): A47A47
Release Date: June 20, 2014
Development Status: Final
Version: 3.3
Size: 26KB
Mode(s): Single-Player
Language(s): English

NOTE : A47A47 is Japanese and not good at English well.

A simple, essential and very best tetris almost all made of characters.


  • Menu
    • Up or Down : Choose difficulty
    • Left : Choose lock delay length from x1, x2 and infinite (If you choose x2 or infinite, your best score or best time wiii not be saved.)
    • Right : Choose Game length from short and medium
    • A : Start a game
    • B : Quit
  • Game
    • Left or Right : Shift the current piece left or right
    • Up : Drop the current piece in instant (Not lock in instant)
    • Down : Drop and lock the current piece in instant
    • A or B :Rotate the current piece clockwize or counterclockwize


Version 3.1Edit

  • Add lock delay length: x2 and infinite
  • Add game length: short
  • If you press down button, the current piece drop not fast but in instant

Version 3.2Edit

  • Bug-fix
  • Add shadow

Version 3.3Edit

  • Bug-fix
  • Add randomizer

Videos and ScreenshotsEdit

Petit Computer "NANARIS" version 306:15

Petit Computer "NANARIS" version 3


A47NNPC v3.3 QR

(version 3.3) Please click this thumb nail, then click the middle-sized image or "Full resolution" to show the full-size image.


  • You can change some variables.
    • Line No. 2: If you set COLORBLIND=0 then NEXTs after 2nd through 7th display only as colors not as shapes. If you set COLORBLIND=1 then display as colors and shapes.
    • Line No. 3: If you set HARDDROP=0 then when you press down button the current piece drop fast and lock. If you set HARDDROP=1 then drop and lock in instant.
    • Line No.4: If you set HIDEFP=0 then it shows detailed speed. If you set HIDEFP=1 it shows about speed.
    • Line No.5: If you set SHADOW=0 then it doesn't show the current piece's shadow. If you set SHADOW=1 then it shows the current piece's shadow.
    • Line No.6: You can change randomizer. 0: 7bag, 1: 7draw, 2: 4draw, 3: square pyramid number, 4: square number, 5: triangler number, 6: at random

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