Music Editor 2.0
S KC4A0054

General Info
Contributor(s): "Tamagosan"
Release Date: April 22, 2014
Development Status: Final
Version: 2.0
Mode(s): Single-Player
Language(s): Japanese

A music sequencer not unlike Synthesia from the Japanese wiki.


  • Touch the screen to "test" a note.
  • Hold "L" while tapping to place. Sliding horizontally lengthens the duration.
  • Holding "L" and any direction on the D-Pad deletes notes.
  • Start brings up the menu.
  • D-Pad up/down: scroll virtual piano
  • D-Pad left/right: scroll song
  • Tap the colored boxes to select which track to write the notes to.
  • To change the instrument of a track, press Start and choose "ガッキヘンコウ"(Change Melody) (It should be six from the bottom, or the first medium length choice above "MMLニヘンカン").

To convert to MMLEdit

  • Choose "MMLニヘンカン"(Convert to MML) from the menu screen.
  • Select if you want to convert the whole song or a portion.
  • The data will be written to a GRP.
  • Then, run this program.


(From 1.1)

More than one type of instrument.

Vocal track (Humming choir-y thing)

Can be converted to MML

Tempo can be set to change in the middle of a song.

Different... colors?



Untranslated. Middle-click to view.


MML GRP Reader program.


This translation is UNOFFICIAL and has NOT been thoroughly tested. Various graphics may be corrupted and the quality of some translations can be questioned.

Oh, and I have no idea what's with the order of QRs. I hope it's possible to figure out but I haven't tried.


Translation by User:Lumage

If you have suggestions or complaints about the translation, please leave a comment either below or on Lumage's Wall.


After playing, the song will stop with the last note you placed just off screen. All you have to do is scroll back...


  • Tamagosan(?) - Programming

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