Mugen no Kanzo(The Eternal Liver)

General Info
Genre(s): RPG
Contributor(s): Atsushi Terada (Original)
Kouyama (2nd Port)
Teru (3rd)
MOT (4th)
Release Date: September, 1995 (Original) / September 20, 2011 (2nd Port)
Version: see below
Mode(s): Single-Player
Language(s): Japanese(Kouyama Version has English)


Attack monsters and go to Ukujunis the ruin.This game is a parody from "Mugen no Shinzo".(Japanese means "The Eternal Heart" by Xtal Soft,1984)


Kouyama Version Edit

  • The Newest is in 14/3/27.

Teru Version Edit

  • The Newest is in 14/6/27.

MOT Version Edit

  • The Newest is in 14/6/27.

Future PlansEdit

  • Teru and MOT will update.

Videos and ScreenshotsEdit



Teru ported from 3rd version to Petit Computer 3D as "Dragon's Liver".For play,Public key is [D233V3].


List anyone who worked on this game.

  • Atsushi Terada - 1st Creator
  • Kouyama - 2nd Porter
  • Teru - 3rd Porter and Petit Computer 3D Porter
  • MOT - 4th Porter

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