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MegaMan 2 PTC
MegaMan 2 PTC DEMO2 3

General Info
Genre(s): Action, Platform
Contributor(s): Discostew
Release Date: September 26, 2012
Development Status: Beta
Version: Demo #2
Size: 268540 B (269 KB)
Mode(s): Single-Player
Language(s): English

MegaMan 2 PTC is exactly what you think it is. It is an extensive port of Mega Man 2 from the Nintendo Entertainment System to Petit Computer. It is being developed by Discostew (known as Discordstew on this Wiki). Everything that was from the original game will be in this game. Graphics, audio, etc are carefully being done so they resemble what the original game demonstrated, so they are all custom-made to be compatible with the formats that Petit Computer allows. Other than the actual game itself, it will contain numerous other features that weren't present in the original, such as a Sound Test (or Audio Player).

Many have asked why would anyone want this when they have access to the game in other ways, including on the 3DS eShop. What incentive would be shown to want this? Well, I'll tell you. The first half is the game itself in a form that others can look at on the code-level, especially those that are wanting to make their own games in SmileBASIC. That won't be enough for some, so here's the second half. Along with the complete game, the program will also contain a built-in level editor, allowing people with the program to create their own levels, and be able to share those levels with everyone else so that they may all try them out. To what extent the editor will allow for customization, that is yet to be determined, but I hope that in the end, it will be enough.

There are currently 2 demos of the game. The first one represents my initial attempts at making the game, which has been available since late September of 2012. Since then, a lot of reworking has been done, over 10 months worth of work during my spare time, that has led to the second demo, which has been available since early August 2013. The second demo may not contain some features that the first did (like a boss fight), but it does contain new things the first did not. The Audio Player mentioned earlier, that is to be included in the final product, has been made into a separate program until the time comes to finalize this project. Unfortunately, because of the ever-changing base of the game, the chances of the level editor being publicly released with any demo is extremely slim.

Current FeaturesEdit

  • Basic MegaMan functionality (jumping/moving/shooting)
  • MegaMan animations complete
  • Use of ladders
  • Only the basic Mega Buster is implemented
  • Partial water effects (splashing and gravity difference)
  • Spikes and pits that instantly kill
  • Ice and conveyor belts that affect movement
  • Level checkpoints
  • MegaMan and enemy health
  • Health Bar
  • Reaction to getting hit by enemies with various degrees of damage
  • Enemies that are resistant to the Mega Buster
  • Transitioning from one sub level to another
  • All audio, both BGMs and SFX, are finished.
  • Numerous enemies with their AI, attacks and animations
  • Both Energy Capsules types replenish health
  • Death animations, for both MegaMan and enemies
  • Introduction scene finished
  • Probably some other stuff....


Basic controls are as follows:

  • D-Pad - For moving, as well as ascending/descending on ladders
  • B button - Shoot with the Mega Buster
  • A button - Jump, also to let go of ladders
  • Start button pauses the game during gameplay
  • X button - Exits the current level during gameplay


Demo #2Edit

Major reworking of the project.

  • All game assets moved to GRPs instead of individual files for graphics, palettes, etc
  • All GRPs packaged with PRG, to form one set of QR codes.
  • 3 Custom-made levels
  • v0.1 levels not included (as format had been changed)

Demo #1Edit

The first demo of the project.

  • Metal Man's stage (including boss)
  • Wily Castle - Stage 2 (partial, no boss)

Future PlansEdit

  • Built-in Level Editor (in the works alongside the main game engine)
  • Implementation of all other weapons
  • Reaction and damage to enemies from other weapons
  • A Life counter (leading to Game Over when no remaining lives)
  • Weapon Capsules, E-Tank, and Extra Lives
  • Create the original game's levels
  • Various platforms (like the rails in Crashman's level or clouds in Airman's level)
  • Gates (that lead to bosses)
  • Game progress (that keeps track of levels completed)
  • Ending scenes
  • The Save function
  • Finish off remaining enemy AI and animations
  • Implement Boss fights
  • Menu GUI layout
  • Boss Rush mode
  • Incorporate the Audio Player
  • Many various other details that I have missed....

Videos and ScreenshotsEdit


Currently, the actual QR codes to these demos will not be available on this wiki. The reason is because current development has put the total count to 98 QR codes for the second demo, and it will only get increase in the count as progress moves forward. By putting the QR codes for the demos, even just the most recent one, it will take up quite a bit of space. However, the QR codes will be supplied from the author's website, and the following links will take you directly to the QR codes for each demo (and Audio Player).



While this wiki will be updated from time to time, there will likely be more frequent updates on the website of the author, which can be found here

MegaMan 2 PTC Audio PlayerEdit

As work was being done on the audio in late 2012, the need to give something to the comminuty began to build, as there was no set date for when the next demo would be available. As it is right now, it wouldn't be for another 10 months when the second demo was available. So, in an effort to give everyone a little something long before that happened, this Audio Player was developed. It contains all the audio from the original Mega Man 2 game, including both background music and sound effects. The QR codes are available below.


  • Keiji Inafune - Creator of MegaMan
  • Discostew - Programmer

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