My first app, MapMaker has some useful tools like:

Stamp: This one can stamp both layers at the same time.

Square: It's not working, but it will be in v1.1. It will be track your drawed line to paint the border.

Random: This is a pencil with a random choice of tiles.

Fill: As its name says, it will fill an area, but you can choose more than one tile, so it will fill it in random order.

Collision string: Useful to control collisions. You can asign a string (the array saves it in ASCII), so it can be used to detect it on your game.

The map size is 96x72 (this will be custom on v1.1), each layer are saved on GRP, where each tile value are separated with "-".

It has a Help file pressing "Y".

If you search for @Load, you can see my load algorithm for loading GRP files, anyway, I will upload a GRP data loader, later.


Due to QR issues, the image is no longer displaying on the page. Click the link to view the file.

[ Then zoom in by clicking on it.

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