MiloCalc Shopping List No.6

MILOCALC spreadsheet #6

MCVIEW10 - MiloCalc spreadsheet Viewer (for debug). This is a small utility (2 QR codes) which traces the stored MiloCalc spreadsheets. Reports on a broken chain, if it occurs. Optionally dumps out the contents for examination. For MiloCalc - see Programs --> Tools. Click Here for the MiloCalc Page

This first picture shows a MiloCalc spreadsheet.  I saved this as #5 originally.  After I filled it out, I saved it as #6.  The tax rate is my local sales tax rate.  This is for shopping at a local hardware store.

Now, running MCView.  This MCView 1.0 screen shows how File #6 is arranged. Simply telling it "6" dumped the entire structure of the
MCView10 File 6 i

MCView 1.0 Initial Screen - File 6 linkage

linked files.  Notice that there are 3 files there.  This is because Petit Computer doesn't allow me to save a lot of information in one MEM file, so I have to use more than one when saving data from MiloCalc.  Linking them together keeps the person running MiloCalc from having to think about saving the file.  All you have to remember is the file number.

MCView will also let me know if the file number I'm looking for isn't found.  It also can tell me if there's a break in the "chain" of data files.  This can happen if you are saving a spreadsheet in MiloCalc but something went wrong while saving.

The next screens show how I put in the number "-6" (negative 6) which then makes MCView dump out the entire contents of the files.  This is the 'raw' format of the data.
MCView10 File 6 ii

MCView 1.0 Initial Screen - File 6 internals 1, 2

 It shows clearly how the data is stored.  Nothing fancy here.  If you want to know what it's actually doing, you'll have to go into MiloCalc and look at the code.  The problem with MiloCalc is that it's difficult to see what it writes to storage. That's why MCView is useful for debugging, or, just to satisfy your curiosity.
MCView10 File 6 iii

MCView 1.0 Initial Screen - File 6 internals 3


MCVIEW 1.0 QR Codes

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