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General Info
Genre(s): Simulation
Contributor(s): MyLegGuy721
Release Date: August 27th 2014
Development Status: Final
Version: Version 1.0
Size:  ???
Mode(s): Single-Player
Language(s): English

A simple Terraria/Minecraft game I made.


Move the cursor with the touch screen.

Press L to place whatever you have selected to use.

Tap a block on the touch screen to select it.

Tap the pickaxe icon in the bottom left to toggle the pickaxe on and off.

Press L when the pickaxe is toggled on to break something.

Tap the bag thingie in the top left to select a block to use.


Version 1.0

  • Removed box pet
  • Removed color changing
  • Removed block size
  • Worlds are now 64x64
  • Added saving

Version 0.1Edit

  • Initial Release.

Future PlansEdit


Videos and ScreenshotsEdit

IMG 0901


MIT License

Download Edit



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