General Info
Genre(s): Puzzle
Contributor(s): Perska
Release Date: 2015/4/20
Development Status: Alpha
Version: 0.3.0
Size: 33 892 B
Mode(s): Single Player
Language(s): English

It's lasers with mirrors! All you need to do is re- uh... yeah direct the laser to the receiver with mir- err... with "directors"!


Menu: Use the D-Pad to select an option, (A) to confirm and (B) to cancel.

In-game: Touch screen, [START], D-Pad, (A), (X), (Y)

Level editor: (A), (X), (Y), [Start], Touch screen, (B)

Magnifying glass=Increase max amount of directors

Trash bin=Include Game Overs

Flip(?)=Solid Ghost Walls at start

All level editor controls will be displayed on the touch screen.


Version 0.3.0Edit

  • Added a level editor
  • Dropped support for custom textures (it will come back soon!)
  • Added custom level loading
  • Added a secret level (do not check Log#30)

Version 0.2.0Edit

  • Added three new levels
  • New tiles: laser switch and ghost wall
  • Added support for custom textures

EDIT: *Oh right! There is a weird "BSoD" (Blue Screen of Death) there if you fail on some levels.

Version 0.1.1Edit

  • Mirrors were replaced with "directors"
  • Added a second level
  • Level 1 was changed

Version 0.1.0Edit

  • Initial release

Future PlansEdit

  • Splitters (things that split lasers)
  • More music styles
  • User submitted ideas

Videos and ScreenshotsEdit



Version 0.3.0


Version 0.1.0


Version 0.1.1


Version 0.2.0

Custom LevelsEdit

See this.


The game has only five levels so far! If you try to play any other level, it will not work!

If you see any bugs, please tell me!

Not the actual title


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