General Info
Genre(s): Tech Demos
Contributor(s): SquareFingers
Release Date: September 2, 2014
Development Status: Stable
Version: 1.0.1
Size: 33376 B (33 KB)
Mode(s): Single-Player
Language(s): English

John Conway's "Game of Life" cellular automaton (Wikipedia link: [1]).


Wait about a minute for some calculations to complete, then watch the animation. Press SELECT to end the program.


Version 1.0.1Edit

  • Initial Release.

Future PlansEdit

No future plans.

Videos and ScreenshotsEdit

No screenshots. Read at the Wikipedia article [2] for an idea about how it looks.


LIFECA v1-0-1 01of10

LIFECA v1-0-1 02of10

LIFECA v1-0-1 03of10

LIFECA v1-0-1 04of10

LIFECA v1-0-1 05of10

LIFECA v1-0-1 06of10

LIFECA v1-0-1 07of10

LIFECA v1-0-1 08of10

LIFECA v1-0-1 09of10

LIFECA v1-0-1 10of10


No license applied as of now.


I think this is about as speedy as Life can get on PTC2 - the game area is the entire text screen (32*24), and one generation takes about 0.07s, or about 14 generations per second. This program might be used as an example of how over-optimizing for speed gives ugly code.


NOTE: This is not the program

This QR is for adding this program to the 0FILES system. Scan it, run 0F_ADD once, and the program on this page will appear on the 0FILES list.



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