Justian Adventure

General Info
Genre(s): Adventure Arcade
Contributor(s): Superfoo
Release Date: November 22, 2014
Development Status: Final.
Version: 1.0.0
Size: 43228 B (43 KB)
Mode(s): Single-Player
Language(s): English

Go on an adventure with Justian throughout a massive maze with 35 unique rooms.


Use the D-Pad to move, press B to slow down. Press A to view a mini-map. Keys will unlock specific doors, find them all to access the entire maze. Question marks will give hints when walking over them.

The different colored rooms have different and somewhat consistent themes.

  • Teal rooms link different parts of the maze together.
  • Purple rooms are filled with deadly spikes.
  • Green rooms are darkened and become lit when a question mark is stepped on.
  • Red rooms are generally confusing puzzles.
  • Blue rooms can be switched around with spades and clubs.

Only the spikes throughout the maze and the 'Red Devil' within the red rooms can kill Justian. After dying, he will respawn at the last used entrance in the room.

After finding the last room in the maze, another challenge will be offered, though you will be free to wander about the maze as you like.


Video Edit

HNI 0041-001:35

HNI 0041-0


Click on the QR codes to view the entire image.Justianqr

Variable ListEdit

  • A - location of X in previous frame
  • B - location of Y in previous frame
  • CRAP- game over screen variable
  • D%% - door, %% for room
  • EST - game over screen variable
  • EVRT- game over screen variable
  • H%% - heart, %% for room
  • K%% - key, %% for room
  • KY - keys
  • LV - lives
  • M$ - Justian
  • N% - note, %% for room
  • NT - notes
  • RN - room number
  • S24 - switch in room 24
  • SP - special variable
  • V - speed
  • WO - win?
  • X - x position of player
  • Y - y position of player


This software, Justian Adventure, was created by Superfoo using the Petit Computer application and is intended for use only on Petit Computer for the Nintendo DSi and Nintendo 3DS family of systems. You are free to download this program for personal use. If you give credit and contact me first, you may also distribute and create derivative works from it. Superfoo, 2014


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