Jump & Jump

General Info
Genre(s): Action, Arcade, Platform
Contributor(s): GS.Games
Release Date: 30 June 2014
Development Status: Final
Version: 1.0
Size: 7776B
Mode(s): Single-Player
Language(s): English

Jump & Jump is a simple platform game where all you need to do is get to the top of the screen by jumping up through the moving gaps.

Avoid falling down, run from the enemies and time your jumps well to clear each round and get a high score in this fast paced platforming challenge.

Jump & Jump is based on the classic 1983 ZX Spectrum game 'Jumping Jack' by Imagine Software.


The goal in each round is to get to the top of the screen by jumping up through the moving gaps. Every successful jump will cause another gap to appear somewhere on the screen, up to the maximum of 8 gaps.

  • Gaps that move to the left travel up through the screen and gaps that move to the right travel downwards.
  • Use the D-Pad to move left or right, if you run off the side of the screen you will re-appear on the other side.
  • Press the A button to jump. You can only jump directly upwards, you cannot jump sideways.
  • If you fall through a gap or miss a jump you will be dazed for a few moments and unable to move.
  • You begin the game with 5 lives and you will lose a life if you fall to the bottom of the screen.
  • Every time you make a successful jump you will score points and each time you fall you will lose points.
  • Enemies will begin to appear from round 2 onwards and will daze you if they hit you.
  • Clear all 10 rounds to complete the game!

Note: Jump & Jump creates a file called 'JJHISC' to save your high score, which will be loaded when the game starts.


  • D-Pad: Move left and right
  • A: Jump
  • L: Turn music on/off (default setting is off)


Version 1.0Edit

  • Initial Release 30 June 2014

Future PlansEdit

Videos and ScreenshotsEdit

Jump & Jump - for Petit Computer DSi 3DS01:34

Jump & Jump - for Petit Computer DSi 3DS

See Jump & Jump in action in this video!



Please click the image to enlarge, then click 'See full size image' at the top of the window so that you can scan the QRs easily.


"No license applied as of now."


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Programmed by GS

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