Jack OS
Jack OS pic 1

General Info
Contributor(s): Crackerjack.bailey, Carlospcchat, Epicguy500 .
Release Date: October 24, 2013
Development Status: Pre-Alpha
Version: 0.0.3+
Size: 1488 B (1.4 KB)
Mode(s): TBA
Language(s): English

I've wanted to make a OS for a long time, but now I am!!! ...But I can't do it alone, I need your help. Me, you, and everyone can make Jack OS!!!


Not much at the time being, coming soon!!!!


Version 0.0.1Edit

  • Boot screen added

Version 0.0.2Edit

  • Password function added

Version 0.0.3Edit

  • Start up screen and preview added

Version 0.0.3+Edit

  • Jack OS RAM added.

Future PlansEdit

  • Version 0.0.4: Adds menu, and contact info if you find any bugs or glitches.
  • Version 0.1.1: Adds games to the menu.
  • Version 0.1.2: Bug and glitch fixes, and new games added to the OS.
  • Version 0.1.2+: Adding PTC roblox, and music videos.

Videos and ScreenshotsEdit


You can now download Jack OS!!!! (please note that this version of Jack OS does not have everything the finished version will have).


Jack OS 0.0.3+ boot up


Jack OS Password JACK


Jack OS Start


Jack OS preview

Possible AdditionsEdit

Questions master, requested by my dad.


If you have an idea for Jack OS, please don't be worried to share it with me.


  • Crackerjack.bailey - programer and planner.
  • Carlospcchat - giving me idea for Jack OS executive applications and code for Jack OS executive applications.
  • Epicguy500 - helping with the development of Jack OS.

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