General Info
Genre(s): Programs
Contributor(s): IAmAPersson
Release Date: I have no clue
Development Status: Complete
Version: Final
Size: Unspecified
Mode(s): Multiplayer only (on same DSi/3DS)
Language(s): No specified language

Hangman! Have you ever wanted to play hangman but don't have a place to write everything? Or are you just too lazy to do it (like me)?Well this is no longer a problem, with Hangman PTC!

NOTE: I made this a while back, so the coding isn't the best.


Enter a word when prompted to. Then hand it to your friend. I can't really describe what all happens, so I guess the only way to find out is to try the program yourself!

Future PlansEdit

This program is done, and I have no plans of continuing, since development has already been completed. I guess I can add a computer to play with, but that'd be a bit hard.




The I Don't Care License
Copyright (c) 2013-2014 Persson Creations

Feel free to do whatever you want with this program. I take no responsibility for anything after you have scanned the QRs.


Have fun!


IAmAPersson - Everything

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