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Focs operating system
Aviary 1427862511814

General Info
Contributor(s): desu-gaming
Release Date: March 31, 2015
Development Status: Alpha
Version: 3.2
Size: around 15000 bytes
Mode(s): Multiplayer
Language(s): English


up/down/left/right :move cursor or pen A button :click There is a small pop up menu to the far right of the screen. It will become visible when you move your cursor to the far right.

If when booting it boots to a screen with a small pen in the middle then you are missing the background and will need to make one. Do not make it black as this will make it hard to read some text.(see drawing for help) To open the main menu click the small roundeck at the bottom left.


When you click the green icon in the top left of the desktop the screen will go black move your cursor down and to the right and you will see a pen in its place. By moving the pen while holding A you will see it makes a grey line. Now if you look in the top left you will see a colour being displayed in the form of text (red, green, etc) if you make something like a box at this point then move your cursor into the middle of it and press X you will see it changes to the color displayed in text. Now, if you press the start button it will save the picture if you then press START you will see that it is now set as your new background.

trash and run programsEdit

In both the trash and run programs when you open them you will find that it opens you to a text interface in this you can type the file you wish to delete or run (depending upon which you are in).


In the games interface you will find 2 games road race and demolition derby. Click them and you will be able to play them.


Write what has changed between versions. Use the format below.

version 3.3 (wip)Edit

Add touch screen support and the "sudo apt-get install" command (yes its a linix thing)

version 3.2Edit

More glitches fixed, new game (text based fighter) added, background editor is easier to use.

Version 3.1Edit

Simple bug fixes and trash can added.

Version 3.0Edit

Focs 3.0 is released

Future PlansEdit

I plan on adding many things to Focs, one being the ability to add programs to the desktop in the form of icons. I also want to add more games.



No license applied as of now."


If any bugs / errors are found please inform me of them in the comments.

The Focs teamEdit

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