Thanks for all your votes. i will continue updating fighters. Time to get working on it!

this is a fighting game and you basicly.... fight.

1.0.3 is out! try it now!


General Info
Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Games
Contributor(s): NintendoFanFever
Release Date: August 16, 2015(1.0.0)
Development Status: Stable
Version: 1.0.2
Size: Unknown
Mode(s): Single-player
Language(s): English

Instruction Edit

The controls are easy! In fight mode you just do up/down you use a to Select.

The rest, it tells you.

Release dates to versions Edit

Fighters 1.0.0 August 16, 2015

Fighters 1.0.1 August 28, 2015

Fighters 1.0.2 September 13, 2015

Fighters 1.0.3 October 13, 2015

Fightters 3d tomorow

No other versions will be released after this. (at least, not on ptc)

Changelog Edit

Version 1.0.0 Edit

  • Initial release.

Version 1.0.1 Edit

  • passcodes
  • passcode entering thing
  • new features on gamepack
  • you can save/load
  • A new look for background

Version 1.0.2 Edit

  • Super mario maker bug fix (When loading)
  • Mario 30th anniversiary passcode
  • Secret passcode
  • MAX HP levels up instead of HP
  • Deletes the other versions (Fighters Fightv1)
  • Gamepack New game: "Notes"
  • fixes bug fix (told by berneyvonbean (might not work)) Does not work... :( Will be fixed in 1.0.3
  • Other passcodes

Version 1.0.3 Edit

  • 1 more passcode
  • Be able to lock it (passcode locks it)
  • Added loop for Fighting music
  • Settings
  • Added credits
  • Touch screen Feature (Not all of it D:)
  • fixes bug fix (told by berneyvonbean)

NOTE:All stuff will be in Fighters 3D If they are crossed out

Note: Not all of 1.0.3 is finished; It will be moved to Smilebasic. (Name will be: "Fighters 3D")

Things that I have to add until 1.0.3: Edit

  • Option to have Expert on CPUs. (Easy/Expert) (But.. only some of it!)
  • More moves (Shield) Will be in Fighters 3D
  • Load a background Will be in Fighters 3D
  • add loop for Boss Fighting Music Will be in Fighters 3D

Future plans Edit

  • None, as of fighters ptc.

Videos and Screenshots Edit

  • fighters dsi
  • fighters 3ds
  • 3ds with fighters

  • the first qr (sorry about the wrong qrs)
  • the second qr
  • the third qr
  • the 4th qr
  • the 5th qr
  • the 6th qr
  • the 7th qr
  • the 9th qr
  • the 10th qr
  • Credits qr 1
  • credits qr 2
  • credits qr 3
HNI 0077-0

1.0.2 picture

Version 1.0.0 (not recommended) Edit


Version 1.0.1 (Not Reccomended) Edit


Grid (1.0.1 and Up) Edit

V 1.0.2
Fighters 2

License Edit

please do not copy this game.

Notes Edit

  • I Will update when i'm ready. No more updates except Fighters 3D demo

Credits Edit

Questions and answers Edit


Berneyvonbean asked:

"Um... when I tryed this out I instantly died and it said "game over". Am I missing something?"


NintendoFanFever's Answer:

"Oh wait!

I think I know the problem!

I'll fix it. it WILL be in 1.0.3"


More information about each passcode(s) Edit

Mario30ANNIV - You can get to this passcode as you enter. it will ask you "mario?" say "YES" and you will enter. otherwise, enter this passcode (this passcode does color and sais:

MARIO 30TH YEAR!) Has released

YANGJE95B6J8 - This will level you up to 10! Has released

6¥074tP@@uRA - This gives you a secret note. you will find out when you go in notes and you get to save   file name and when you load it it will show up. Will release

There are passcodes like "BEEP 1" You can do that all the way to "BEEP 11" Has released

Otherwise, Use "BEEP MACH" Has released

Planning to put a passcode that is "A%ffsdf6hvglockdown" and you would lock your screen (NOTE: Enter this passcode Again to unlock it(as in to open))

That is all the passcodes i have added so far!

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