Indications are, EXP in SmileBasic V1 is identical to that in V2.


EXP(N) returns the natural exponential of N, i.e. eN, where e is Euler's number (about 2.7).

Due to rounding errors, EXP(-36909/4096) gives 0, as does every parameter with a lower value. The highest value that can be calculated is EXP(53943/4096). Higher parameters give an Overflow (EXP) error, or, oddly, an Illegal function call (EXP) error if the parameter is 363409/4096 or above.

EXP is quite accurate; the higest value calculated EXP(53943/4096) is 524225+3200/4096, on another calculator I trust more (Wolfram Alpha for Android), the result (to the nearest 1/4096) to 524255+3165/4096. That's an absolute error of 35/4096, or a relative error of 0.0163 in a million.

EXP is (ideally) the inverse function of LOG.


Indications are, EXP in SmileBasic V3 is identical to that in V2 (except the comments above, relating to the fixed-point representation of numbers in V2, do not apply).