General Info
Genre: Operating System
Contributor: dosankosoft
Release Date: November 3, 2013
Development Status: Stable
Version: 4.4
Size: 34668(Main unit only)
Mode: -
Languages: Japanese, English

DosankoOSX is a new operating system.

You can install apps as you choose and you can run the graphical user interface.


Move the cursor by touching the bottom screen, you could click the L button, the R button, the cross button's left, and the A button.

You can check e-manual operation of the other methods.


Ver 4.3Edit

  • Published here

Ver 4.4Edit

  • Change of name
  • Adding a pre-installed application

Make appsEdit

You can make some apps. Please note the following points when you make.

  • To first line of program, please incorporate the label of "@(five alphanumeric characters of any)".
  • When the application is finished, please incorporate the routine of "GOTO @MENU" or "RETURN" somewhere.
  • SPU5 and SPU0 because it is occupied by the character of this OS, the person you want to use the default character of there, please use in "CHRINIT" instruction. (SPU the OS is reloaded after the end of the app)
  • For reasons which parentheses above indicate, you can using the character you've created.
  • If you made​​, please save it as "DSO○○○○○". "○" the, please enter the alphabet of labels placed at the beginning.

Future PlansEdit

It will continue to evolve in the future in light of the opinion of everyone.

Ver 4.5 (Plan)Edit

  • Some icons are high resolution
  • You will be able to uninstall this OShjsjっsdっkjsっjw

Videos and ScreenshotsEdit



Main(I've updated in the last update.)


DosankoOSX main

CHR No.1(I've updated in the last update.)


DosankoOSX CHR1

CHR No.2


DosankoOSX CHR2

Manager app


DosankoOSX AppV4.4


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