Digimon V-Pet

General Info
Genre(s): Simulation
Contributor(s): Clavier141
Release Date: 15th May, 2014
Development Status: Stable
Version: 1.0.1
Size: Unknown
Mode(s): Single-Player
Language(s): English

Digimon V-Pet is a virtual pet game made for Petit Computer for DSiWare and Nintendo 3DS that features over 80 digimon from the digimon franchise. You feed, rest and train your digimon as you aim to discover the stats required to get it to progress to the next level. The key features of this games are:

  • 80 digimon available to discover
  • Touch screen interface
  • Day-Night cycle, not in real-time
  • Animations and sound effects when raising your digital monster
  • Can save your digimon's battle data and share it locally or online using the comment section below, or on twitter and other social networks with the hash-tag #DIGIVPETQR to see how your digimon compares to everyone else's (Instructions on battling are in the section below)


This section of the page explains how to save your digimon's battle data, share it online as a qr code, download other players' battle data and battle within the game. I have listed all of the basic (no pun intended) skills and computer requirements you will need to follow the instructions below.

Skills: Can load programs in write mode, can use the search function in write mode, can edit code, can read QR codes, can save GRP files to the SD card, can create QR codes in PTC Utilities, can upload and post photos in the comments/on twitter

Requirements: SD card that can be read by your computer, SD card reader/port, download of PTC Utilities (available from )

How To Save Your Digimon's Battle DataEdit

  1. In the program "DIGIVPET" select "Battle" and then "New Battle Data." If you want to save your digimon as it it is now, you need to say yes when it asks you to save, otherwise it will create battle data using your last save's stats and you will lose your progress since your last save.
  2. Press X to confirm that you want to save your digimon's battle data.
  3. Go into "File Management" and select "Rename" and then the GRP section. Find the file "XXX" and rename it to whatever you want your battle data to be called.

How To Share Your Digimon's Battle Data Using Local DS ConnectionEdit

Both players will need to have a copy of Petit Computer and of Digimon VPET, and both players will need to have wireless connections turned on on their DSi/3DS and be within roughly 10 metres of each other.

  1. Follow the above instructions "How To Save Your Digimon's Battle Data"
  2. Decide who's going to send their battle data to the other. Then both players should open "Write Mode" in Petit Computer.
  3. Whoever's sending their data should enter the line SENDFILE"GRP:XXX" replacing XXX with the name of their battle data.
  4. Whoever's receiving the data should enter the line RECVFILE"GRP:XXX" once again replacing XXX with the name of their opponent's battle data. The sender should then select the receiver.
  5. The receiver of the battle data should follow the below instructions on how to battle so that you can battle your friend's digimon.

How To Share Your Digimon's Battle Data Over The InternetEdit

  1. Follow the above instructions "How To Save Your Digimon's Battle Data"
  2. On PTC, go to "File Management" and then "Save to SD Memory Card." Select your digimon's battle data under the GRP section that should have the name you chose and save it.
  3. Turn your 3DS/DSi off before removing the SD card and inserting it into your computer's SD card reader/port.
  4. Your battle data should be located somewhere in private/ds/app. Using PTC Utilities, open the GRP using the PTC>QR option.
  5. Delete the text in the 2 boxes. In the first box, type "Digimon V-Pet Battle Data" and your name/username if you want to. In the second box type anything you want about yourself or the digimon you've saved.
  6. Click on "Show QRCode Files and copy the image of the QR code to somewhere you'll be able to find it later. Rename it so that it matches the name that you saved the battle data as.
  7. Post the QR code in the comments below by uploading it to the wiki, or share it on twitter with the hash-tag #DIGIVPETQR so that it can be found on twitter by searching for this hash-tag.

How To Download Other Players' Battle Data From The InternetEdit

  1. Look in the comments below or search twitter and other social networks for the hash-tag #DIGIVPETQR to find QR codes for battle data.
  2. Scan the QR code to download the battle data.

How To Battle Using The Battle Data You've SavedEdit

  1. Open the program "DIGIVPET" in write mode by entering the line LOAD"DIGIVPET"
  2. Use the search function to search for "XXX" until you find the line LOAD"GRP:XXX" or simply go to line 789.
  3. Remove the "XXX" and replace it with the name of YOUR battle data. Your digimon will appear on the left in battle.
  4. Use the search function to search for "YYY" until you find the line LOAD"GRP:YYY" or simply go to line 802.
  5. Remove the "YYY" and replace it with the name of your OPPONENT'S battle data. Their digimon will appear on the right in battle.
  6. Run the program and select "Battle" then hold the stylus down on the button to start a battle between the two digimon.


Version 1.0.1Edit

General corrections to code.

  • Fixed training miscalculations in HP, MP, Brains and others
  • Fixed a mistake in Armadillomon's digivolving requirements
  • Fixed a mistake in the code to battle so that sprites are now loaded correctly

Version 1.0.0Edit

Initial release.

Future PlansEdit

  • Amend the training to improve the balance of the game so that it isn't too easy or hard
  • Improve training animations so that they line up properly for every digimon (maybe)
  • Make battles more animated/exciting (maybe)
  • Repair any more bugs

Videos and ScreenshotsEdit

  • DIGIVPET Start Screen
  • Digiegg Select screen
  • Day time vs Night time
  • Someone's hungry!
  • Touch Screen Controls
  • Stat Screen
  • Battle Screen
  • All screenshots were taken from a 3DS XL
Petit Computer DIGIVPET Feeding Time00:09

Petit Computer DIGIVPET Feeding Time

Petit Computer DIGIVPET Digivolve00:09

Petit Computer DIGIVPET Digivolve


Petit Computer DIGIVPET Training00:28

Petit Computer DIGIVPET Training



There is 1 program, DIGIVPET, 18 sprite sets and 2 screens that need to be downloaded in order for the game to be fully functional. Any missing sprite files will result in an incorrect sprite when trying to display the selected digimon.

To scan the QR codes, you will probably need to click on the image and then select "View Full Size Image." Best viewed on a computer screen rather than a phone, I would guess.

Digimon Virtual Pet QR codes

The QR codes to download Digimon Virtual Pet


No license applied as of now.


Please report any bugs that you find in the comments below and I will fix them if they're really game-breaking or significant.

Digimon is the property of Bandai Namco and I don't claim any ownership of the franchise or anything affiliated with it, nor do I stand to make any profit from this project as it is free to download.

Please check out Operation Decode who are petitioning to get Bandai Namco to localize Digimon World: Re:Digitize Decode for Nintendo 3DS in Europe and America. They've already got 26000 signatures and counting, but any extra support would be much appreciated by me, and Operation Decode. You can find them using the following links on change, facebook, twitter, tumblr and oprainfall.

You can also follow me on Twitter (if you want):

And, if you're interested in finding out more about the Digimon: Digital Monsters TV series, check out Aficionados Chris's reviews on the first 3 seasons. I'm a big fan of his so if you like his videos or subscribe to him, I'd be really grateful. Links to his channel and digimon review playlist are below.


Clavier141- Designed and developed the game

Bandai Namco- Creators of Digimon: Digital Monsters

Fenrir's Sprite Domain- Website where I got the majority of the sprites

Zebub Al-Zemechiel's Tiny Gifs- Website where I got any sprites I was missing

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