General Info
Genre(s): Genres (Action, Adventure)
Contributor(s): Guzzler829
Release Date: Release Date (February 18, 2015)
Development Status: Current Development Status (Planning)
Version: Version Number (0.1.1)
Size: Size in Bytes and Kilobytes (3972 B (4 KB))
Mode(s): Game Modes (Single-Player)
Language(s): Language (English)

Hello, how I got inspiration for this game was when I was playing around with making the character in the game leave a red line behind him when he walks. So then I thought it would be a good idea to instead of when he moves he makes a red line, you use the stylus to make lines that you attack with. The game is not yet finished, in fact, not even close, so don't expect anything spectacular.


Move with D-pad Jump with L or A use Touch Screen to draw lines on the top screen.


Write what has changed between versions. Use the format below.

Version 0.1.1Edit

Got the basics in place, fixed bugs.

Future PlansEdit

No clue really. This is going nowhere



No license applied as of now.


Please tell me if you find any bugs.


  • Guzzler829 -the whole game

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