This is a files format for storing programs and resources in a GRP. It is used mainly for an OS that can manage files.

How it works is each file is stored in 8 pixels, each pixel can have the colors 0-255, which is 1 byte or 8 bits. This file format use 8 pixels for each file or 8 bytes, it is separated into parts, each part uses a certain number of bits. The format is expressed in binary to show all the parts. The bits are organized like this:

First 3 bits:File type
000=NUL - Unknown
001=PRG - Program
010=MEM - Memory
011=GRP - Graphics
100=CHR - Character
101=SCR - Screen
110=COL - Color
111=FLD - Folder

Next 1 bit:Marked
0=FALSE - The file is not marked
1=TRUE - The file is marked
This is used for selecting files, for example, on a computer you select files by clicking on them, you can then proceed to move it, delete it, rename it, etc.

Next 6 bits:ID
000000 - Used for organizing files, 0 is reserved as the "desktop" folder, files in separate folders can share the same ID

Next 6 bits:Folder ID
000000 - The ID of the folder that the file is stored in, 0 is outside of any folder "desktop"

Last 48 bits:File Name
000000_000000_000000_000000_000000_000000_000000_000000 - Each character is stored as 6 bits, this is possible because in PTC, file names are required to consist only of alphanumerical characters and/or underscore "_".
100110-111110="a"-"z" - PTC does not actually support lowercase characters, however we can use them for aesthetic purposes, the program will have to treat them as uppercase when loading, saving, deleting, etc.

And that's it, it may be a little confusing if you never used binary before, but this format for storing data is very compact, if you are using a GRP for storing the data, you could have up to 6144 files:
256px/Line / 8px/File * 192Lines = 6144 Files.
I used a GRP because they provide a large amount of data compared to a MEM, and using GRPs for data has become common practice, however this file format would be the same concept if you wanted to use a MEM with one difference, instead of using GPSET and GSPOIT to write and read data, you would use ASC and CHR$, to use binary numbers in petit computer, you prefix it with &B, however it may be more efficient to convert the numbers to decimal to save space.

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