Spring Game ContestEdit

Pages in this category will regard th "Spring Game Contest" A contest that will last from January 6th, 2014 until April 1st, 2014. You have that amount of time to create the best game that you can FROM SCRATCH. The purpose for this contest is to help bring some more good quality games to the wiki that the users can enjoy.


  • Programs must be made from scratch. You cannot mod any older game or use any game builder.
  • Community projects are recommended. It would be awesome to see some games built by several members!
  • Minimal-Moderate amounts of blood/violence. Any blood gushing Mortal Kombat clone will be ignored.
  • ORIGINAL IDEAS Most games you hear about are ports of old NES/SNES games or use other gaming characters. Any port of a classic or using any Nintendo/Microsoft/Sony character is not allowed. (Includes other gaming characters too)


  • Programs must follow the rules listed above
  • Pages MUST follow standard layout
  • To submit a program put the category Spring Game Contest on it

Voting/Submission periodsEdit

  • Submission Period has ended.
  • Voting has ended.


- Drow, An action RPG

- Time Tiles

- x2 Combo


- Maze


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