Hello, I'm CKlidify, you probably know me from my "Petit Tutorials" series! This isn't a hugely intense program, it's just a super simple program I made as a challenge to my friend. He doesn't know anything about BASIC and I was tutoring him, and he asked if you can make SFX without importing MIDI files. I said, "Probably... But I never tried!" So he challenged me to make SFX without importing. So that's what this is! Feel free to look through the code and use the code as SFX for your own program. But please credit me! And send me the program, and I'll give it a play!


  • Two sound effects
  • Main Screen
  • Main Menu
  • Info Menu
  • Option to play the original sound effect
  • Stop the SFX

Planned FeaturesEdit

  • Print what SFX were mixed
  • Tell you if a sound effect is playing or not

Additional InformationEdit

I said in the comments that the next version would be v1.0 then I would stop. That isn't ENTIRELY the case. v1.0 will (more than likely) be the last version! But while I was making it, I got hungry and needed a food break. After eating I went outside and had a water balloon war with my brother because I had forgotten about my 3DS and it died so I lost ALL OF v1.0 (I was doing it all in one sitting)! So, I sat down. Re-created one sound effect, made a more simple menu that was easy to throw together, and BAM, v0.2!

Version Log and QR CodesEdit

Version 1.0 BETA

  • Challenge Accepted
  • Added a Sound Effect

    OUTDATED: CK's SFX v0.1 QR Codes

Version 0.1

  • Released
  • Added Info Menu
  • Added Original Sound Effect
  • Added Logo

MOST RECENT: Version 0.2

  • Added Another Sound Effect
  • Created a Menu
  • Added 2 Placeholder Slots For SFX
    Fdhwe ahsjmgfmdnswrhatqgeWaDVZ

    CK's SFX v0.2 QR Codes

  • Added Stop Button
  • Added Easter Egg

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