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Release Date: "Release Date" (November 12,2013)
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Version: "Version Number" (1.0.1)
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So, a long night of work ruined due to name mixup, I made a few slight edits to the CHRED program.

I've added 2 new commands on the save/load menu thing, SN and CN, which will save the last saved CHR and COL files, respectively.

It will also display the names of the last saved files, and when they were saved.

Hopefully, this'll be convenient, and help with filename confusion.

I hope this does help, and that no one else will suffer my fate.


I hadn't made any major changes to the program, so just use CHRED as you normally would. But once you save once using the regular CHR and COL save feature, the name of the files you saved will be displayed on the top screen. You can also the SN and CN commands on the file menu to instantly save using the last used file name.


Version 1.0.1Edit

Added the stuff mentioned above.

Version 1.0.1Edit

Fixed a bug when saving. Made it so that loading also prepares the name to be saved.

Future PlansEdit

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Useless tip

I could also, maybe make it so that each sprite sheet has it's own last known save, have multiple COL files loaded at one time, and keep track of which COL file was loaded while on which sheet... But, then I'd have to look through the coding a little more, and add alot of coding, and figuring all that out is a pain... So, in the meantime, I would suggest working with one Sprite page at a time, and if you plan on using multiple COL files for one sheet, name it to match.

For example, say, SPU1:BLOCKS1 has 2 sets of color pallets, SPU2:BLOCKS2 has 3. Name your COL files in a way like this: SPU1:BLOCKS1 SPU2:BLOCKS2 COL1:B1C1T1 COL3:B2C1T3 COL2:B1C2T2 COL4:B2C2T4


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