Indications are, CHKCHR in SmileBasic V1 is identical to that in V2.


CHKCHR is a function that takes two parameters: the x-coordinate for a character location on the console screen, and the y-coordinate. The value it returns is the ASC value of the character at those coordinates on the console (top screen text display). If the coordinates are out of range, i.e. x is not between 0 and 31 inclusive or y is not between 0 and 23 inclusive, the function returns -1, which is not the ASC value of any character.

After a CLS, CHKCHR on any location on the screen will give 0. It is impossible to tell if a character location has remained blank since the last CLS, or if that character location has had CHR$(0) PRINTed to it.

If CHKCHR is only given one parameter, it generates a Syntax error; if it is given three parameters, it generates a Missing operand error.

If CHKCHR is given two string parameters, it generates a Type Mismatch error. However, if it is given one string parameter and one numerical parameter, it does not generate an error: apparently, the string is replaced with the value 0 (meaning it only reports what is in the leftmost column, or the topmost row).

There does not appear to be a function which operates in a similiar way on the 'panel' on the bottom screen.


No information on SmileBasic V3.

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