Brick Game
Brick Game

General Info
Genre(s): Arcade
Contributor(s): Wilsonator5000
Release Date: April 24,2014
Development Status: Stable
Version: 2.0
Size: 3 KB
Mode(s): Single-Player
Language(s): English

Welcome to the addictive Brick Game! There are two bricks, and one face. You must face a choice, a choice so powerful it will decide the fate of your game. Will you choose the left brick or the right brick? The choice is up to you, but what happens is not. That's the computer's job. Good luck trying to get as far as you can in Brick Game, the journey is tough. Have fun!


To play, just move the face (using the d-pad or circle pad) to one of the bricks and see what happens. Simple!


So far, Brick Game is at version 2.5.1.

2.5.1 Edit

  • The store is finally here! Unlock new brick types when achieving new levels! Press X from the title screen to access it.
  • High Scores now work properly.


  • Music
  • Working on High Score compatibility with another app I made...
  • The game and randomizer
  • Splash text under the title

Let me know if you have a suggestion for this game and maybe I will add it in the next update!

Future PlansEdit

  • Better movement of the face you use to touch the brick
  • High Score compatibility
  • Custom music
  • More splash text variety

Videos and ScreenshotsEdit

Here are some photos and videos from Brick Game version 2.0:


Download the addictive Brick Game now!

Brick Game 2.5

Download the updated Brick Game for FREE here!

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The addictive Brick Game, the game of choice. Get for FREE here!


Copyright 2014 Wilsonator5000. All rights reserved.


Let me know if there are any bugs on this game or any other games I make, or for suggestions on any future games or updates to games I make. Thanks!


Here are the contributors to this game:

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