BGCHK is not a function in SmileBasic V1.


BGCHK is a function which takes one numerical parameter which gets rounded down: a 'layer', 0 for BG foreground layer, 1 for BG background layer (same as the first parameter of the BGOFS command). The function will normally return FALSE. After a BGOFS is applied to this layer with an 'interpolation time' of 1 or more, it will return TRUE until the interpolation time expires, but if the interpolation time is 0 or missing, it will return FALSE. In other words, while there is a BGOFS in effect that has not yet completed moving the layer, the result is TRUE, and at all other times when the layer is not moving, it's FALSE.

If a negative value, or a value of 2 or greater, is passed to the function, the system generates a misleading Overflow (BGCHK) error.


No information on SmileBasic V3.

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